Monday, December 31, 2012

A Long Time Coming

I'm finally back. After months of silence, I finally have the words to explain all that has been going on in my life.

On Easter Sunday, Cameron and I found out that we were expecting. We were thrilled and optimistic, although our three pervious miscarriages were in the backs of our minds. Two weeks later, I began bleeding and was put on bed rest and then hormones to help us stay pregnant. I was constantly ill (morning sickness my butt) and had extreme back pain from dance injuries.

I went on maternity leave at 28 weeks and began bleeding again. I was put on bed rest again, but at 30 weeks I went into labor. After a few hours of contractions (I didn't realize that I was having contractions, I thought I may have food poisoning) I called my midwife and within the next few hours I was at the hospital. Rhoden Caeden was born October 21st at 11:20 in the morning. He weighed just over 3 pounds, but I was able to cuddle him before they rushed him to the NICU.

He spent 3 days in NICU and 26 in ICN before coming home just before Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for, blessed by, in awe of and in love with my sweet little boy. He has turned our world upside down for the better. I am now a stay at home mom and Cameron and I are getting ready to launch our own business.

Stay tuned for pictures, projects, business and random thoughts!

In Love and Light,