Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Apologies for my hiatus. Life has been crazy.

Cameron and I are entering a new season here, not just weather wise. We are finally moving!

After months of saying "We need to move" and planning, two weeks ago we declined our release. Soooooo...we will be moving in July! We have already found an adorable cottage that we are hoping to get, so keep your fingers and toes crossed for us. :)

This move has made it obvious just how much stuff we have accumulated. You know those things you never use and likely have forgotten you even have? We have an entire bedroom full of those. This is a good reason to have a small home with only as many bedrooms as you need. If you don't have space for it, it won't even make it through the door (precisely why we are downsizing). I'll be sure to pass on any tips of tricks I discover while downsizing and moving!

In other news, I have been doing a lot of reading of Steiner's infant to 2 years philosophies. His understanding of children truly amazes me. As an example: I am a nanny for 7 month old twins (a girl and a boy). Their parents have bought them 2 swings, 2 bouncers, a jumper, 2 play gyms, a play mat and countless toys, infant books and other bright (usually plastic) items. Despite all of this entertainment, the babies often cry when put into the swing or on the play mat? Why? They much prefer to be held! While no one could be expected to hold a baby (let alone two) all the time, why do so many parents opt to try to entertain the child with another toy when he cries instead of simply picking him up and cuddling him for a few minutes? To quote the mother I work for: "I am afraid they will be 'lap spoiled' or 'clingy'."

I understand the sentiment, believe me, but I can't help but wonder how all the flashing, bright, noisy toys are affecting our children. If we look at what Steiner says on the subject, he believed children's toys should be limited under 2 years to items from nature and simple homemade items. He believed in a calm and quiet environment and frequent cuddling and nursing. How different is this from what we commonly see in homes today?

To me, it seems like we are trying to force our children to grow up faster. "I can't wait until he can sit up/crawl/stand/walk/feed himself" are comments I often hear from parents. Why? So that we can have our lives back? Children are a blessing, by having them we choose to alter our lives to better nurture and raise them. I hate to say it, but after having a child, your life is never yours again. Even after the child leaves the house, I know I frequently call home to ask for advice or assistance in some manner or other.

While we're on the subject, if you have a small infant, please, enjoy these days. Cherish nursing or bottle feeding her. Don't rush her to eat oatmeal or baby food when she is obviously not ready (if your baby cannot sit unassisted her gut has not developed enough to properly digest food). I will certainly post more about this later as I have some wonderful resources and references.

Before I close I would like to ask my readers to please suggest and topics they may like to have me write about. I'm always open for ideas and would love to know what you are interested in!

In love and light,


Resource: Steiner Infant Article

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