Monday, April 16, 2012

The Young Rarely Do As They Are Told

One of our family's favorite television shows is Stargate.  After watching an episode the other night I started thinking about the way the United States, and the world in general, reacts to the unknown, the scary or the "undesired".

In Stargate there is a race known as the Nox. They are complete pacifists, using illusion as their defense. In many episodes, they (along with other advanced aliens) can be seen reprimanding the US Airforce for being "young" and having a "shoot first ask questions later" first reaction.

This past week, North Korea launched a test missile. It supposedly was not a weapon, only a satellite. Prior to this launch, the United States and North Korea had been discussing food and medical aid that the North Koreans desperately need. Since the missile launch, all talks have stopped. 

Now, before I go on a rant about how the people and the government officials are two different entities and that the people should not be punished for the North Korean officials decisions, I will first say I hope the United States reconsiders their decision and that the North Korean government will in the future put their people first.

That being said, I am a pacifist at heart which is probably the reason I love the Nox. I can't help but wonder what will happen to the United States if we continue to have the reaction to invade first, get information later. What happens when we step on the wrong country's toes? What happens when we no longer have the funds or the resources to support invasion? 

If we look back into history, all world powers come to an end. In general, those that support their power through invasion tend to fall harder and faster. 

Let's go back to the North Korea situation for a moment. When North Korea announced they were going to be testing a missile, before the United Nations even knew what it was, several countries (including the US) announced they would end relations with North Korea if they launched the missile. I understand that relations with North Korea have been volatile for years, however, if the United States had known that the missile was a satellite (and failed by the way) maybe they wouldn't have taken away the much needed food and medical aid from the North Korean people. A small example of how an "ask questions later" knee jerk reaction can have bigger and unsavory consequences.

Just something to think about...

In love and light,

PS. If  we quickly think back to the Nox, they feel responsible to teach the United States because as a nation and world we are "young". They do so gently and with humor.  As an older and more experienced nation, isn't it our duty to treat North Korea and other nations with the same respect? And on a side about how we treat our children? Think about it and please feel free to leave a comment...

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