Sunday, April 1, 2012

Irrational Fears

Last night, Cameron and I watched a documentary on mental disorders in children.


These poor children have no control over what they see, what they do, and often have no control over what they say. I can hardly imagine the nightmare that daily life can present for them.

But it got me thinking about a blog post a I wrote last week. I deleted it.


Because someone I know may read it, or one of my parents friends may see and then what would they think of me?

What an irrational fear.

First, it's unlikely that any of my friends or parents friends are reading this, and if they are, they likely already know I'm a little odd, and they probably don't care. And second, why should I care what they think? I am certainly entitled to my opinion, even if it doesn't mesh with what my parents think, my friends think or even what Cameron thinks.

I am, after all, my own person :)

In love and light,

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