Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby-Step Series: Creating a Usable Calendar

To preface: I am not posting this to say this is the only way or that you should do things my way, just that this is what works for me, and if it works for you then feel free to use it.

I hate when I can't find a calendar that I like that is small enough to fit in my purse, so I finally decided to get smart and make my own.

I began by folding a standard sheet of paper in half, then each side was folded in half towards the center. Next the paper was folded in thirds lengthwise.

I labeled each of the squares with their month on the front and back (the ones on the back read from right to left).

I'm still in the process of filling mine out, but thus far I have added holidays, birthdays and important deadlines (like our lease expiring). I plan to color code the months and highlight certain items once I'm finished (stay tuned for the update :) )

This project was really begun to try and help me organize my week to make home maintenance and outings more smooth. Generally, I just go with the flow and do things when I get to them, but recently I've tired of the crisis cleaning and grocery shopping right before dinner (which ends up pushed until 8 because there was no food in the house!)

So after I got a general idea of what my months were going to look like I sat down and began to look at my work schedule. Cameron works Sunday through Tuesday and Thursday through Friday so my weekends happen on a Wednesday and Saturday. My work schedule is a bit flexible and happens on the days he's at work already.

I borrowed FlyLady's idea of zones, but, considering our home has white carpeting and 4 occupants, I wanted to make sure each room was touched on once a week.

To make this I first folded a sheet of paper in half, then folded each side in half towards the center. Then it was folded in half lengthwise to create 8 squares.

I illustrated the first square to make it more fun (as FlyLady says "Make it fun, it will get done") then each subsequent square was labeled with a day of the week including Sunday.

Choosing which rooms to focus on each day was a little harder, but I tried to make sure the focus room was appropriate for the activity of the day. I'm sure it will be adjusted over time, but this is my starting point :)

To go along with this I also made two other half sheets depicting my daily tasks and biweekly tasks. No excuses here, if it's on the fridge, it needs to get done!

My little Home Center on the fridge for now

The Vernal Equinox is tomorrow and our family will be celebrating our first Mean Erraigh. We plan to use this as our refresher date, much like the New Year. Seems fitting since this celebration is about renewal of life, fields and home. Stay tuned for pictures of our new little garden, our holiday tree and decorated home :)

Love and light,

PS. Sorry about the poor quality pictures. Our home has only one window downstairs (aside from a sliding glass door) so the light is awful. These were also taken with my phone, hopefully someday I'll get an actual camera to use and love! Also, if you were wondering about my color coding, I try to keep it simple. I love bright colors so I picked the rainbow to use for my days of the week. Sunday is red, Monday is orange, etc. Seven colors for seven days. Works for me!

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