Monday, January 23, 2012


We are in a season of change.

As I sit writing this it's snowing outside, almost no one is in the coffee shop. I'm nursing a cup of mint tea hoping it will completely rid me of this horrible cough I have left over from my three week long cold (ick). It makes happy to be warm inside with my journal.

Cameron and I went to look at a new house yesterday. We have been renting for the last year and a half in a small city, but both of us are ready for a move to the country. We found an adorable two bedroom cottage about 15 minutes from his job with 2 acres of land for less rent than what we're paying now and fell in love. It has a double deck outside and large kitchen inside--perfect for both of us. The only problem is it's available February 7th which means we'll either have to pay a full month's rent at our current place and only stay 6 days or  hope they'll hold it for us.

Moving would be a big change. We currently live in a three bedroom townhouse with two floors and two bathrooms. to say we have a lot of stuff is an understatement. When we went to donate to Goodwill before Christmas it took two cars to carry all our bags and boxes...and we still had a room full leftover at home! Downsizing is truly a hard task to accomplish. It's time consuming and often an emotional process. It's amazing how many memories those scrawled math notes can bring up.

Besides moving, we both have taken on new responsibilities in 2012. Cameron is working full time as a manager at the coffee shop now. I am most often at home but still babysit a few times a week. While our finances haven't changed greatly, it is a transition into new roles. I've been devouring books on cooking, organizing and crafts. I've learned to clean with vinegar and baking soda and that you can, in fact, wash jeans in your sink. I'm hoping after this move that we will be able to start a garden and I'll learn to cook from scratch, I really want to make bread :)

This move would also allow me to finally start my playschool that I've been dreaming of for the past year. Ever since I rediscovered Waldorf (and this blog) I have been dreaming of having a Waldorf style playschool and home. I'm in love with the peacefulness that exudes from the photos on Rebecca's blog. While Cameron and I don't have children (four legged ones aside) I do hope to someday raise them in a similar environment and having the playschool would let me experiment a bit while earning some money on the side. If all goes well, I hope to maybe enter into the Waldorf Early Childhood Teaching certification and teach at the local school.

Yes, it is a season of's hectic, but we're generally laughing together and look forward to what the future will bring us in the next few weeks :)

Love and Light,

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